Welcome to NC State Graduate Christian Fellowship!

The Graduate Christian Fellowship (GCF) is a group of North Carolina State University graduate and professional students who gather to seek Christ together in grad school and beyond. We meet every week on Tuesday nights for Bible study as well as foster community through other fun events.

GCF is the graduate chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and we also welcome survivors of graduate school, including post-docs and other alumni. Come join us as we study 1 Corinthians this Fall!

Tuesday Night Bible Study

Our Tuesday night Bible studies begin with reading the week’s section of Scripture together. Next, we discuss the passage, and depending on the number of attendees, we sometimes split into groups for discussion. After a while, we come back together (if we have separate groups) and talk about how God and the passage intersect with our lives. We sometimes do this in small groups as well. We conclude by praying for one another and the world.

We meet at a member’s house at 7:15pm for our Tuesday night Bible study. Bible study generally lasts until 9:30 pm, but we recognize that graduate students are busy, so the group is very flexible with people leaving early or coming late. For directions or any other questions, please e-mail us. We’d love to meet you!

See Events page for upcoming fun and fellowship!